Key Elements for Email Marketing

email address database

In order to be successful with email marketing, a home based business opportunity seeker will need to understand the intended relationship with the customer.  Relevant offers and promotions, and relevant communications are going to be necessary to turn and email address database into a profitable mechanism for business.

There is a direct relationship between the number of emails that are opened by recipients on the email marketing list and the number of conversions.  If the number of conversions is not between 1-3% of the number of emails opened, then there is something seriously wrong with the offer.  Not every customer will convert.  In fact, very few may actually convert.  But, if none convert, then your efforts may be wasted.

Should your conversion rate be too low, or nonexistent, then there needs to be some changes made with your call to action.  First, check the deliverability rate and make sure that your recipients are getting the emails, and that they can actually be opened and viewed properly.  Then, evaluate the offer and try to determine when it is that you are losing the customer’s interest.

Once you determine how far your customers get with your emails, you can start to make some useful changes.  Maybe your offer is not compelling enough.  Maybe it is too repetitive for your customers, and you need to shake things up a bit to regain their interest.  Be objective, and evaluate exactly what it is that your recipients see when they are a part of your email address database.

Email marketing is an inexpensive and effective way for you to communicate with your email address database, but if the offers are not relevant, or timely, or effectively interesting, then you will not find that they help you, the home based business opportunity seeker, find the success that you are hoping for with your email marketing campaign.  Execution is everything, and timing counts, too.  Make your offers the ones that get people to act, and get them to convert, and you will find that this method of internet marketing can be extremely effective.

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