Keeping Online Consumer Mailing Lists Happy

bulk email opt in

People want good information to come to them through their email, this is why they sign up for email lists using bulk email opt in choices.  Many Internet marketers are using online consumer mailing lists, very effectively.  There are several things that good email marketers have in common, here are some of the common examples.

  1. Good email marketers know the needs of their recipients.  Their online consumer mailing lists are highly targeted, and the emails that are sent out are responsive to their needs.  Large online consumer mailing lists are often sub-divided, based on spending and conversion trends, leading to greater customer satisfaction and greater retention rates for the bulk email opt in lists.  If people like what they see in your email, they will want to stay on your email lists and see what you will be sending next.
  2. Good email marketers know how to get to the point, quickly.  Too much text, an introduction that drags on, or too many different ideas presented at once will often lead to the loss of interest on the part of the reader.  Keep the interest level high by making sure that readers do not have to spend more than 5-10 seconds to figure out what your email is about and what you have to offer.  Many people are on many different online consumer mailing lists and do not have time to read every word of every email carefully, so they are probably skimming quickly.  Be sure that they can get the main idea right away, and they will then decide to stay or go based on what they read.  Be as concrete as possible with your offer, and present it in the first few lines (at least a summary).  “Lose five pounds in two weeks!” or “Save hundreds on your insurance bills!” will often be the kind of statement that keeps a reader around longer.  Not, “read more to find out how you can start saving money for college.”
  3. Include brief testimonials from satisfied customers.  People are more likely to stick around and want to be a part of an online consumer mailing list when they see you and your company as trustworthy and reputable.  Integrity counts when it comes to email marketing.

Making sure that people want to stay around and remain on your online consumer mailing list will mean that you keep your customers coming back for more.

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