Is There Such a Thing as Free MLM Leads?

free mlm leads

When it comes to internet marketing, or any kind of online business like MLM downlines, is there such a thing as a “free lunch?” Can you generate free MLM leads? Will it be worth it, and will they actually be good leads? The jury is still out on these questions and more as they pertain to building up your online business. The answers that you receive when asking these questions will depend largely on who you are asking, because everyone involved in online business has an opinion, most of them are more than eager to share them, and every one of them thinks that they are right, and that they are truly on to something big.

In the end, what matters is that your MLM downline is successful, and that you make good profits from this kind of online business. But, how you get there does make a difference, and there are several roads that you can travel to reach your destination in this case. Ideally, getting free MLM leads can ultimately save you tons of money, as compared to those home based business opportunity seekers who are paying good money to get MLM leads. But, you have to make sure that the free MLM leads are actually going to pan out, otherwise, free or not, they are not worth much to you.

Getting Prospects to Interact With You

A popular strategy for getting potential MLM leads is through the use of your blog. Using this method, you can post articles, links, videos and other information that is related to your MLM downline. You can show your visitors and readers how successful you have become, and this may attract them to your business, and make them want to become a part of your network or your MLM downline. This is considered to be free advertising, and a good way to get free MLM leads, if you can get people interested. But, in all reality, it is not completely “free,” because you will still have to spend a great deal of time developing the content that will make others see the light, and want to become associated with your online business. This could be a significant “cost,” at least of your time and energy, and this should not be overlooked. Many people trying to build up MLM downlines fail to appreciate that they will still have to do some hard work. This type of business is not really a “get rich quick” scheme, and will not instantly transform you from rags to riches. But, with the effort invested, you may not have to shell out large sums of your money to build the connections, and you can get free MLM leads from using your blog. The key is to get your blog well ranked, and get enough traffic so that you can cull enough potential leads and have a percentage of them convert into network members or MLM downline members, or at least customers that are going to pay you some money.

Getting Targeted Free MLM Leads

One huge benefit to using your blog to get free MLM leads is that you are truly getting much more targeted leads than you may actually get from using email lists, whether you buy or rent them, or even develop them on your own. The people who want to join your MLM downline after reading your blog and becoming excited about what you are doing are those exact people that you want to join. Enthusiasm is critical when it comes to building your MLM downline, and free MLM leads that come from your blog are going to be a huge asset and very valuable.

Don’t Chase Down Weak Leads

One thing to remember when it comes to building up your MLM downline is that you never want to spend too much time chasing down weak leads. You really have to work on having the leads come to you, and this is why using your blog in a compelling and convincing manner is so important to the process. Many home based business opportunity seekers are focusing on their email marketing campaigns to generate leads, and, while this is a very effective method to get free MLM leads as well, it takes more effort—and often cannot actually be done for free, technically.

Weak leads are those people who are signed up for every mailing list and every blog that they ever read. You want to find those people who are truly seeking out opportunities for online success, and those people that are going to really be interested in building up your MLM downline, because they understand how much they themselves can benefit from this type of business. Trying to court MLM leads when the person does not understand or believe in MLM downlines as a successful business venture will only lead to frustration, and you will have spent a whole lot of time and end up with nothing to show for it. Focus on finding those leads that are going to really pay off. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs like yourself, people who are real live home based business opportunity seekers who are going to put their own efforts into the cause.

How can you weed out the weak leads? Weak leads do not respond in a timely manner, or at all. If you have reached out to potential MLM leads once, maybe twice, and not received any real response that gives you an indication that they are interested in participating with you, then you might want to let that particular lead rest for a while. Revisit this group after a period of time, some of these people may have reconsidered, or had some time to learn more. They do deserve at least one more shot. But do not constantly contact them or invest too much time and effort into convincing someone that is not going to be convinced. There are enough people out there that are truly looking for ways to become involved with a successful MLM downline, and these are the MLM leads you are looking for. When you find each other, magical things can happen for your business.

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