Is Email Marketing Really Free and Easy?

email marketing

Like many other home based business opportunity seekers, you may have decided to give email marketing a whirl.  After all, it is supposedly free and easy, so why not?  It is definitely a hot topic these days, but be careful about thinking of it as completely free and always easy.  Email marketing can be extremely effective, but you definitely have to put in a little elbow grease if you want to be successful.  Success doesn’t magically come overnight or without any effort.

Email is free for most personal users, but it does usually cost money to set up an email marketing system.  If you are choosing to use a “free” service, then be sure to carefully check out exactly what it is that you are getting, to make sure you are not misunderstanding the financial commitment or any of the fine print.  You can easily be fooled by some of the companies that are out there, and you probably cannot afford to lose any money.  Caution is recommended!

One of the biggest costs that comes along with email marketing is that it takes up a great deal of time, when you are trying to get it properly set up and running smoothly.  Even if you are not actually spending the money in your checking account, your time is certainly worth something.  The time involved will increase exponentially if you are going to be trying to respond personally to each email, as opposed to using a service or an autoresponder.  While there are definite advantages to using the automated systems or services, there is a downside of the potential loss of the personal connection.  Plus, taking the time to learn how to use the service or the autoresponder does count as well!

Before launching a full email marketing campaign, be sure that you have taken some time to do some research and make sure you know exactly what is involved.  Know whether there are limits, hidden costs, extra fees and charges or other factors that may affect your profit, or affect how much time you have to put in before you can start being successful.  Investing the time in advance can mean more profits later, and make your whole business more successful.

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