Information Matters for Your Email List

email marketing database

Any time you get a potential email lead for your email marketing database, you should be willing to tell that person exactly what they can expect from signing up for your email list.  They should understand what the proposed benefits are, so that they can be confident about handing over their email address to you.

Many home based business opportunity seekers will offer special discounts to the people who choose to use the bulk email opt in service and join the mailing list.  This is great, but there needs to be more coming along down the line, to make it worth their while for signing up and getting emails from you.

Your email list members should know about how frequently they can expect to receive an email from you.  Will you be contacting them daily?  Weekly?  Monthly?  Some other interval?  People like to know what is to be expected in your email.  If they know that they will rarely hear from you and rarely get special offers, this may be an incentive to sign up for your email list, because they won’t have to worry about you filling up their inboxes with messages.  It might also cause them to respond to the emails when they do arrive, because they might not be sure about how long it will be before they hear from you again.  On the other hand, frequent communication is good in some cases, especially for building brand recognition and gaining visibility.

Whichever option you choose for your email marketing campaign, make sure that the members of your email list know what the situation is.  You do not want your email marketing database members to feel either spammed or ignored, both extremes are bad for business.  Build trust by following through on what you presented as the benefits of membership, and the frequency of contact.  When customers have good information about what to expect, you will see better results.  Email marketing is a great way for making money online, and most home based business opportunity seekers are finding it to be easy to use!

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