Importance of Segmenting Your Email List

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Certain contact in your email address database may have certain needs.  Not every person who uses a bulk email opt in is looking for the same thing from your company.  Learning how to segment your list well can mean that you have a huge increase in conversions.  It’s all about being in the right place at the right time for your recipients.

The messages you send to your email address database need to be relevant to them, at the moment that they receive it.  Tailoring the messages so that each segment of your email list gets the right message, or the right offer, is challenging and can be time consuming—but it is well worth the effort that you will have to put in.

For example, let’s say you have a site that offers leads for mortgage and refinancing loans.  Clearly not everyone on your list is ready for a mortgage at the same time.  You have to keep track of the habits of your email list, know who is opening and responding, and who is not.  Some members of your email list may be ripe for a refinance, but these are not the same people who are ripe for a new mortgage.

You should have a series of offers available in this case.  Offering leads for discount mortgages and refinance loans first will help you determine who is in which category.  From there, you would follow the lead of the recipients.  Who clicked through for refinance options?  Who clicked through for mortgage offers?  Tailor the next offer accordingly.

You can continue to periodically target those who showed interest every few days, reminding them that you still have great offers for them.  For many, this serves as a reminder that they were in the middle of a process and they may wish to continue.  Just be careful to not harass or bombard them with offers, although your offers may be fantastic, they may have already selected another company and no longer have a need for your offers.  Wait a while, then contact them again.  You never know if they are still interested!

This is merely one example of how to segment your email list, you can probably think of many more that may be relevant to your own particular niche.

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