Images Used in Email Marketing

email databaseThe way that you use images in your email marketing list campaign can have a significant impact upon the success of your endeavors. Although what you say is ultimately the most important thing, how you present it and how visually attractive it is makes a difference. There is a fine line between not enough and too much when it comes to using images.

There are a few things that make a difference when you are using images in your email. Using simple images is important because it takes a long time to load large files and this can slow down the loading of an email or a website and this can be a huge turnoff for recipients on your email marketing list. As a general rule of thumb, using images that are no larger than 25kb is recommended. Optimizing your images is also recommended, because you can make the image take up only 15kb, which is important if you are keeping the images on your server and not fully embedding them in the email.

The size of the image should not be too large for the email. Images larger than 470 pixels by 150 pixels may not load properly or be able to be viewed as intended in multiple browsers, and you never know which browser your email database recipients will use.

When you use images in your email marketing list campaign, be sure to not use too many images, either. Fewer is better when it comes to pictures in an email. Choose relevant, high quality images that will engage the interest of the email database recipient, rather than obscure references. People often enjoy humorous images or cartoons, and this will often help keep them on the site longer.

Place the images at the top of the email. Remember, you are trying to grab the attention of the email database, so you want them to see the image immediately.

When you place the image properly, choose the right image and make sure that it loads properly, your chances of having the recipient open the email and ultimately click through will significantly increase and your email marketing list campaign will be more profitable.


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