Ideas to Build Network Marketing Leads

network marketing leads

Joining an existing MLM downline often means that you will have access to many network marketing leads, and that you may be able to develop some of those into real solid prospects. But, in order to truly make a network marketing business work, you need to generate a large number of leads, usually between 20-100 per day, this is considering the fact that you can often expect about a 1%, sometimes up to a 3%, conversion rate. Somewhere between 97-99% of your leads will not pan out. This is a large number and this is why you have to pursue network marketing leads very actively if you want to succeed.

Develop Your Own Website

One thing that many network marketing specialists tend to forget about is having their own personal website.  Networks often have websites, and these will help to explain the process to many of your leads, but when you have your own website, you can often persuade your network marketing leads to join forces with you, because you have the opportunity to tell a story, and tell your own tale of success.  This can help many of the leads that may be on the fence about what to expect, and perhaps wondering how to get more information. Your own site can help add a personal touch, and make the network marketing experience more attractive.  The company’s site may just be more of a sales pitch, and may lead some of the prospects to turn away, thinking that maybe the idea is just too good to be true.  You can show them a real life example of how it has worked for you.

Check with your network before developing your own website, some networks have some strict rules about how new leads can be cultivated.  Networks that truly are looking to expand and develop prospects into new members will be more likely to agree to you having your own website, because it will ultimately benefit the whole network.  If the network forbids you to find MLM leads this way, you might want to think twice about this particular network.  Many networks will encourage you to set up your own site, knowing that this is a terrific way for you to cultivate your own leads, ones that will benefit the entire MLM downline in a positive manner.  If this is the case, you may be able to use some already developed marketing materials, which can be very helpful in getting you started in the right direction.  You won’t have to develop everything from scratch, if your network offers a website template and marketing materials that are designed to help generate network marketing leads.

Developing a Lead Capture Page

Working with an existing network is often the easiest way to develop a network lead generation capture page.  Typically, all members of the network use the same lead capture page, which helps keep things consistent, and helps potential leads understand the business and the benefits.  Most networks will provide a free video or downloadable ebook that helps explain the entire process to the potential new leads.  It will explain how the profits are made, and how to go about getting started and keeping the MLM downline growing and viable.  For many potential leads, like the home based business opportunity seekers that will be checking things out, the simple idea that this is a great way to make money online might be enough to sell them on the idea.  Others may take more convincing, and should perhaps be led to your personal site for more information.

Driving Traffic With Articles

Many MLM specialists are using article marketing to generate network leads for their business.  By publishing articles on different networks and directories, and advertising them on the social media networks, you can generate a large number of network leads for your business.  You will start to figure out which of the article sites that you are using is giving you the most network marketing leads, and you can start to focus on those networks first.  Be sure to always include the full contact information and links to both your site and your network’s site so that visitors can get more information easily.  One link should lead directly to your lead capture page, to help entice those visitors to become network leads.

Driving Traffic With Videos

Using video is another way that you can generate network marketing leads.  Visitors can often see exactly what the process involves, which can help to demystify the entire MLM process, breaking it down into parts that are easily digestible and manageable, and easily understood by the average home based business opportunity seeker looking to make money online.  Videos help to keep the attention of the visitor longer than other types of content, and this will be important, since you want to present as much information as you can to the visitor so that they decide to join as a network marketing lead and help to build your MLM downline.

Driving Traffic With Social Media

Social media is another way for you to explore getting network marketing leads.  You can use your social networks to advertise your MLM downline or your network, and this will often help to build interest in your business.  People are naturally interested in what other people are doing, so let the world know what you are up to, and make sure that you keep your MLM downline in the front of their minds.

Be sure to build up a database as you acquire network marketing leads, so that you can easily keep track of the leads and know which ones you will need to follow up with, and which ones actually convert into members of your network or actual customers.  When you know how many leads you are generating, where they are coming from, and what is happening once they connect with you, you will be well on your way to having a lucrative network marketing or MLM business.

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