Cultivating Relationships – How The Top Network Marketers Grow Their Networks

There are a lot of different factors that will have an impact on your success in network marketing, and those involved in the field need to be able to master numerous skills in order to thrive. From your ability to craft a compelling pitch to your ability to create a strong online presence, you’ll have a lot of jobs to do.

However, at the heart of all of your efforts there is one thing in particular that you need to remember, and that is the process of cultivating relationships. If you can’t create strong connections and meaningful relationships, you’ll struggle to find success. In fact, this is so important that it is probably the single most important part of network marketing.

To really succeed at cultivating strong relationships, remembering a few key tips is important. Here are some of the main things that can help you in the process.

Know Who Your Biggest Supporters Are

The first step is taking the time to identify the people in your life who support you completely and totally. This could be family members, co-workers, old college friends, and more. Once that you have an idea of who your biggest supporters throughout your life are, you can let them help you.

To do so, just stay in contact with them and let them know what steps you’re taking towards your new network marketing goals. Even if they say no, they can still have an impact on your success. For example:

  • They could funnel potential leads your way that you wouldn’t have met otherwise
  • They can help spread the word about your brand or products
  • They can stay in contact with you to offer moral support and keep you driven forwards

In short, just because they tell you that they aren’t interested in what you’re offering to you, your relationship with them means that you could still benefit from discussion with them about your business.

Know Your Mentors

While experience will help turn you into a better professional, the reality is that we can all learn more from mentors and coaches. Instead of just looking at relationships as the connection between you and your potential leads or prospects, you should also look at your relationship to those who are your guides.

Your mentors or coaches could be your upline, another business associate, or someone else completely, but whomever they are they can offer numerous assistance including:

  • Advice for better techniques for generating leads or conversions
  • New strategies you can try
  • Answers to your questions about network marketing or other aspects of your business
  • Support during periods of time when you’re struggling to stay motivated

In short, knowing your mentors and maintaining a relationship with them will help you grow and thrive in the network marketing space.

Have A Solid Game Plan

To really succeed in network marketing, you need to put together all of your strategies and develop a game plan that will help you succeed. This can include everything from regularly contacting people on a weekly or monthly basis to setting up a monthly meeting with coaches and beyond, taking the time to set up a clear game plan will help you get the most from your network marketing. Put all the pieces together, and you’ll be able to create relationships that work for your business.

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