How to Upset the Members of Your Email List

email marketing list

Are you looking for ways to get the members of your email marketing list to unsubscribe?  Want to see your email address database dwindle overnight?  Try these handy tips and see how things go, and see how long you can actually stay in business:

  1. Send out a uniform message, in a “one size fits all” kind of offer.  Make sure that every member of your email address database gets the same message and the same offer, and that there is no variation based on their needs or habits or any type of segmentation.
  2. Send out emails several times each day, and mark them as urgent.  Be sure to include special links to the same place in each of the emails.  The recipients in your email marketing list will probably really like that, filling up their inbox is quite an accomplishment.  They are already getting so many offers they can’t thank you enough for more.
  3. Don’t bother to include links to your site or any kind of email signature on your emails.  People love it when they are interested in an offer and then not being able to get to it.  They will definitely be interested in staying on your list if this happens, especially repeatedly.
  4. Make sure that the messages do not open properly on mobile devices.  Mobile devices often require adapted messages, or changes to the messages that are sent to the email marketing list members, so that people with smart phones can view them properly.  If you want to shake them off, then be sure to not adapt to this technology, since more and more people are using it.

Okay, hopefully you realize that you don’t really want to upset your email marketing list members and get them to leave.  Obviously these are tips that you want to definitely avoid when developing your email address database campaign and you want to make sure to do exactly the opposite to make them happy and make them want to stay!


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