How to Capture Email Addresses for Your Database

email address database

Capturing email addresses should only be done with the recipient’s knowledge.  This should go without saying, you should never covertly capture an email address and then either use it for your own email marketing list campaign or sell it to someone else.  This will quickly get you labeled as a spammer, which could be the instant death of your online business and your email marketing list dreams.

Getting people to take action and enter in their information, joining your email list is not difficult.  There are many programs out there that are available to help you with developing a bulk email opt in form that will collect the email addresses that you need to fill your database with quality recipients and email leads.

The key is to set up a squeeze page that is well designed and encourages people to want to sign up for your mailing list.  When you develop your squeeze page, think of it as something that “grabs ahold” of the visitor and won’t let go.  Obviously this is metaphorical, but you want it to be something truly irresistible.

Having a bulk email opt in form available right from your navigation bar is great.  This way people know right where to go.  Another popular choice is to have a box on one side of the page where you have a link to the bulk email opt in.  when you have the option in a separate box, you can add text that would compel visitors to sign up, because you can offer something to them right then and there.

Test out different configurations of your home page to see how well people respond to your bulk email opt in.  you want to build up your email address database quickly, and fill it with great email leads captured from people who definitely want to be a part of your email list.  Capturing email addresses is an important part of the process for your email marketing business.

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