Email Lead Lists: Hook, Line and Sinker

opt in email lead list

It is helpful to include certain information when you are sending out emails to your business opportunity lead list. Without certain pieces of information, your email offer can appear to be spam and will be unlikely to be viewed by many of the recipients on your database mailing list. Being accused of spamming can be the kiss of death for any email marketing campaign, so choose your content and your email lead list carefully.

Who’s Calling?

As soon as any recipient opens your email, they should know exactly who you are. Identify yourself and your company right away. This helps to build some familiarity, and will lead those on your business opportunity lead list to be more confident about doing business with you. If you are using an opt in email lead list, then remind the recipient of how they landed on your email marketing list. Again, this will increase familiarity and remind them that they were interested previously in what you had to offer.

Short and Sweet

Your email should be short and sweet. Get right to the point, or your email will quickly be deleted. You will more than likely lose the interest of the reader after only a few paragraphs. If you have more to say, include a link that they can follow for more information. Remember, the email is only the hook to get them to your site where they can take advantage of your great offer. When trying to hook the reader on your email lead list, you have to remember that the offer must be very compelling. Give the reader a reason to open your email and click through on your link. You also want to make it compelling enough so that even if they do not click this time, they will be likely to open up your next email that they receive. Keeping recipients on your opt in email lead list is critical, so be sure to not waste their time.

Don’t Force the Issue

If anyone on your business opportunity lead list asks to be removed, be sure to honor that request in a timely manner. Don’t force anyone to remain on that email lead list, or you will ultimately find yourself labeled as a spammer.

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