Home Business Seekers Need Technology

home based business opportunity seekers

In the last post, we discussed having proper backup for your files and a receipt scanner to help you electronically file receipts and important documents, saving space and time, and definitely making a difference when it comes to itemizing deductions at tax time! Home business seekers need other types of technology, as well, in order to run an efficient online business.

How Can Customers Reach You?

Home business seekers need to have a way for customers to contact them directly. Yes, email is usually very effective, but having additional contact methods, like a toll free telephone number, can mean added business. Believe it or not, there are still people out there who do not like to make a purchase over the phone. Some folks are uncomfortable entering in credit card information on a website to buy goods and services, yet they will not delay in verbally giving their credit card and personal information to a person over the phone. Although they do not seem to understand that in most instances using the online service is more secure, you still should consider having both methods for your customers to contact you.

Being able to reach a live person is important to many customers. You want to be able to provide that service. You need to realize that you can use call forwarding with most services and have calls redirected right to your cell phone, so that you do not have to be a home based business opportunity seeker than cannot leave the house.

If you have the ability to provide a live chat, then you should do that. Home business seekers that can provide a way for their customers to contact them while they are browsing the site will find that they have more visitors, and that they are able to keep those visitors on the site longer. This translates into more profits.

How Can Colleagues Reach You?

It’s not only customers that have to be able to reach you easily, your colleagues have to be able to find you. All home business seekers, no matter how independent, usually have some colleagues that they are working with. Writers, graphic designers, SEO specialists and other personnel will be working with you to ensure that your online business needs are met. Use a file sharing system to communicate, or an online calendar that is shared.

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