Home Based Business Seekers Still Like Email

email list

Don’t be swayed by some of the press out there that says email marketing is dead technique.  Just for the record, it is very much alive and well, and an extremely useful method for making money online from home.  For home based business opportunity seekers, it is still one of the primary ways to generate leads for sales and marketing for a business.  By getting subscribers to your email address database, you can directly communicate with them about deals and opportunities that they might be interested in.

Those who claim that email marketing is dead may be using it improperly.  There are right ways to do it, and wrong ways to do it.  For example, unless you have a solid list of subscribers, who have expressly indicated their interest in hearing from you, your messages will be seen as spam.  Without success in reaching customers, it is no surprise that it would appear that email marketing is dead.  However, quite the opposite is true.

Customers generally report that they prefer to receive offers through email for companies that they like to do business with.  Everyone is busy, and being able to read about offers and promotions at their convenience is a huge plus.  There is little pressure from email marketing, unlike some other kinds of marketing techniques that can be quite a turn off to customers.

Don’t eliminate email marketing from your toolbox just yet.  In fact, do your best to build up an even stronger list, because it definitely looks like this is a technique for generating leads and sales that is not going to go away anytime soon.  If you take advantage of this method and use it effectively, you will find that it can truly expand your business exponentially.

Email marketing is going to continue to be a strong method for home based business opportunity seekers to develop leads and communicate with their customers.  Include this in your plan for online business success!

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