Great Ways to Build Your Email Address Database

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Getting big numbers on your email address database often means that you have to entice visitors to your site in some big way.  Now, a “big” way does not have to be expensive or complicated, but it has to be very noticeable and make the reader take action before leaving the site.  Here are some suggestions that you can use to help build your email address database and get your e mail marketing list going strong.

  1. Polite requests:  Try opening your message with a line like, “I am inviting you to join us…” or some other polite request.  This will often get people’s attention and make them take notice of whatever it is that follows.  Etiquette is getting more and more rare, so be unique and be polite!
  2. Offer free anything:  People absolutely, positively love to get anything for free.  There are plenty of things that you can offer to your email address database members that will not cost you a bundle, and this will definitely help raise the interest level of your visitors and make them more likely to become a part of your e mail marketing list.
  3. State the expiration dates of the offer:  When people think they are going to miss out on a great deal, they may be more inclined to act quickly.
  4. Tell them how to reach you fast:  Listing an email address and a phone number, and asking for the visitor to contact you immediately for the savings or deal that you are offering may compel them to respond.  Although most people running the e mail marketing deal will certainly realize that neither method is usually quicker, the customer may be swayed enough to do one or the other, when given the choice and prompted to act fast!  You can even mention something like, “For faster service, please call…” for similar results.
  5. Guarantee satisfaction or results:  This will often get even the most skeptical person to try out your goods and services, or take advantage of your deal.

These five tips may help you to boost the membership of your email address database by compelling people to act, and act fast on your e mail marketing list deal.  Try them and see the results that you get!

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