Great Headings for Your Email List for Marketing

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Developing great headings for your email list for marketing purposes is not rocket science, but it does take a certain amount of skill, combined with some creativity.  A catchy headline will engage the reader, and make them want to learn more about your company.  However, it can be tricky to consistently develop great headlines, while incorporating the right keywords for search engine optimization purposes.  Here are a few tips to help you keep a long waiting list of terrific headlines, so you won’t be struggling with this final touch (or start, depending on your personal writing style!).

  1. Brainstorm a list of headlines.  Some people do their best brainstorming while jogging or biking, or driving in the car.  Unfortunately, while you may come up with tons of excellent ideas, these ideas are notorious for being forgotten because they do not get written down.  While you should always be churning away, trying to come up with great headlines and story leads, you should make a particular time to sit down and write these great ideas on paper, even if you don’t use them until later.  Often, you will find that these come in helpful when you are stuck for ideas for emails or blog posts.
  2. When it comes time to write the email or blog post to send to your email list for markting, choose from the terrific headlines that you have come up with.  Refine as needed, so that the headline matches the content well.
  3. If you have a great headline that is not perfectly matched with the body of the message, use subheadings or a subtitle to further explain the content to the reader.  People like to know what to expect, and you will find that you get more internet marketing leads this way.
  4. Try to avoid headlines that are “too cutesy.”  Industry jargon is also not usually the best way to introduce a topic.  While you do want industry specific people to find and read your emails and articles, when the headline is too imposing or too technical, then it can be a turnoff to the reader.
  5. Pay attention to the conversions that come with different headlines.  There may be a pattern that you can identify related to the types of headlines and the messages that get opened and you may be able to identify what intrigued the visitors that click through.

Headlines are important for internet marketing leads, so take the time to learn how to develop great ones.  Developing the message for your email list for marketing is only half the battle, you need to get them to open the message.  A great headline makes a difference.

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