Great Email Marketing Requires Proper Timing

business opportunity seekers

When you are trying to get the attention of a large group of people through an email marketing campaign or special offer, you have to consider the timing of when you send your message out to your database mailing list. There are times when your message may not get read right away, and other times when you may be more likely to connect with a larger number of the people on your email list.

Business opportunity seekers are rarely away from their computers or phones for long, as a general rule. But, there may still be times that are better than others. Around the holidays, and during the summer months, you may find that fewer people on your email list have time to open up nonessential emails and this may be the kind of time that you want to avoid sending out extra email.

In most cases, business opportunity seekers are going to be checking their email every Monday morning, without fail. This makes it perfect to send out a mass email to your database mailing list late Sunday night or overnight before Monday morning. You want your email to be near the top of the list when recipients open up their inboxes. Your enticing offer should be one of the first things that greets them.

If you are trying to attract business opportunity seekers who may be more likely to look for opportunities to work at home, or if your product or service is more related to recreational interests or hobbies, then you should plan on having your database mailing list receive the message on the weekend. Most people who work outside of the home may not be able or willing to consider offers not directly related to their primary job during the work day or the regular work week.

Considering the time that your email is going to be received by those on your email list may seem like it is extraneous, but the most successful email marketers are going to be considering all of the angles—including how to get to the top of the recipients’ inbox and when they want to be seen. Something to think about, if you intend to be one of the successful ones!

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