Getting Your Email List Addicted

email address database

As a home based business opportunity seeker, one of the tricks to success is getting your email list subscribers “addicted” to what you are sending out.  You want them to start to look very forward and have great anticipation toward your next message.  When you accomplish this, you are going to find that you have higher retention rates on your list, higher open rates, higher response rates and higher conversion rates.

When you use an autoresponder for your email marketing list campaign, you can increase the addiction factor for your recipients.  You can train them, essentially, to expect an email from you at a certain frequency.  This can help when you are trying to increase open rates, because this expectation helps to improve the familiarity and recognition that is necessary to get that high open rate.  Increased familiarity leads to increased recognition leads to increased trust leads to increased business.  Plain and simple.

The key is to balance the frequency between too much and too little.  You do not want to be overwhelming your recipients with emails constantly.  This is a huge turnoff.  Just look at your own email inbox if you actually question this.  You will notice that there are plenty of emails that you simply ignore, perhaps because they are uninteresting, perhaps because they are too common or perhaps you have simply lost interest because of any random reason.  You have to be very careful with the members of your email address database, and make sure that you treat them in a way that makes them want to stick with you for the long haul.

Addicting your email address database to your messages is not too terribly hard, if you concentrate on the basics and pay attention to the important details, like how many opens you get, how many click throughs and how many conversions.  When you analyze the details, you will find the balance and know how often and what to send to your email address database to build a successful email marketing list campaign.

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