Getting Feedback From Your Email Marketing List

email address database

Anytime that a customer places an order online, you should make an attempt to get feedback about the process.  When your customer places the order, they will most likely be giving you their email address, which you should have asked for permission to add to your bulk email opt in email address database.  Not only does this give you a way to keep in contact with them and build up a great email marketing list full of leads, but it also gives you a way to send them a message requesting feedback about their experience doing business with your company.

When you contact them, you want to make the subject line something that would entice the recipient to open the message.  Something along the lines of, “Thank you for your recent purchase,” or similar, will usually do the trick.  When they open the message, they should be promptly thanked for their business and for joining the email marketing list.  Then, ask them to complete a short survey, and make sure that it will only consist of a few questions—and that you make that very clear.  People will often avoid doing these kinds of things because they think that it will consume too much time.  Assure them that the whole process will only take a couple minutes of their valuable time.  Many people will offer the members of their email address database a small discount for completing the survey—not only will this often be enough bait to get them to complete it, but they will appreciate the gesture and be more likely to return and shop with you again in the future.

When you receive feedback from the members of your email marketing list pertaining to their experience, then you can use that information to tailor offers and make adjustments so that new members of your email address database can have an even better experience, or return customers can be even more satisfied.  It also gives you a way to fix problems when they are small, before they can hurt your email marketing list campaign.

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