Get Network Marketing Email Leads Without Cold Calling

network marketing email list

Face it, cold calling is (or at least should be) a dead technique when it comes to prospecting for leads.  You can do much better while searching for network marketing email leads with other techniques.  One of the problems with getting started with an email marketing list campaign is that most people do not have the basic training in sales techniques that may be required (or at the very least, helpful) when trying to find prospects and network marketing email leads.

Network marketing is not some special kind of business, it is just another type of direct selling and relationship building, similar to most other kinds of businesses.  Profits are collected based upon the efforts of the entire network, and commissions are earned based on each level of recruitment and the subsequent sales.

There is no need for cold calling when you have an email address database and an email marketing list campaign.  Developing a great squeeze page, complete with a description of the benefits and advantages of the network can help to turn prospects into network members, and encourage them to actively promote the products and services and turn them into true network marketing email leads.

Using a network marketing email list is similar to building a franchise, where the parent company benefits from each additional franchise that is started.  Although network email marketing list campaigns are similar in some ways to traditional businesses, they do have some important differences.  When trying to get network marketing email leads, you can be somewhat more indirect in your approach, which may lead to having more people consider trying out what you have to offer.  Traditional sales methods rely heavily on the direct sales approach, which can lead some to be very wary of becoming involved or making an impulse purchase.  With network marketing, you have the opportunity to “get to know” your prospects over time though communications, allowing them to build trust and confidence in your company.  Without being pushed into making  quick decision, you have the luxury of building the relationship into something that can be more long term in nature.

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