Generating Better Email Leads

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The average home based business opportunity seeker needs to generate large numbers of leads in order to be successful with an online business.  This means that a great website has to be developed, along with a terrific email marketing campaign.  How can you get the numbers of leads that you need to ensure your success?  Remember, not every lead turns into a conversion, so you have to expect that most of your leads do not pan out.  Most experts estimate that the best home based business opportunity seekers can expect to see a consistent conversion rate of 3-5%.  This means that about 95 of every 100 leads does not turn into anything lucrative.  As you can see, generating a large number of email leads will be critical.

  1. Advertising online is important.  If customers do not ever hear of your business, they are never going to be able to make a purchase from you.  It is important that you develop a strong presence online, and this includes the social media markets.
  2. Post frequently to your blog, so that you have a better chance of appearing in the search engine results.
  3. Use your email marketing list wisely.  Develop timely campaigns, and segment your audience in a way that can lead to effective leads.  When you hit up the right people at the right time, they will be subscribing to your site and joining your email list—making them a very viable lead for future promotions.  As a home based business opportunity seeker, you are always going to be looking for the quick sale, but you have to remember that part of your focus must be on the long term, because sustaining the business is important to your overall profits and success.
  4. Make sure that you get reviews from current customers.  This way, you can use them in your email marketing list promotional materials and on your landing page.  Having visitors see that you are well respected, one of the best in the industry, will lead to consistent conversions.  If there is a question about how good your company is, you will turn away some potentially strong leads as they look elsewhere.

Generating leads is an important part of any home based business opportunity seeker’s strategy.  You need tons of leads for just a few conversions, so get creative about how you find them!

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