Finiding Solid Home Based Business Leads

home based business leads

Home based business opportunity seekers are constantly trying to drum up new leads to get new customers.  Often, this task becomes tedious, and it can be very time consuming.  Understanding some of the most effective ways to develop home based business leads is important, because this is how your business will grow, and you have to continue to get new leads to keep things fresh.

Running a home based business is not a way to get rich overnight.  Yes, there are many people who have found plenty of profit and developed lucrative businesses, but, this is usually the result of a large amount of hard work, some good luck, and plenty of persistence.  One area that requires special persistence is the development of home based business leads.

Article Marketing Strategy

One very popular way in which internet business seekers have developed solid home based business leads is through an article marketing strategy.  Now, this is considered to be a “free” way to generate new business leads or network leads, but, in all reality it is not completely free because you will have to invest some valuable time in developing the content that you will need and the articles that you will have to have in order to make this kind of strategy work for you.  As your business grows and you start to make good profits, developing the articles is definitely something you might want to consider outsourcing, because it can often be cheaper to hire out the content writing rather than spend the time developing the content you need on a constant basis.

To use article marketing to develop home based business leads, you have to develop some well written, high quality articles and disseminate them to a large number of article directories, where they will be categorized and hopefully promoted.  You will also want to promote these articles yourself throughout all of your social media networks, so that you can get your content in front of a large number of people.  The more people see your content, the more recognition you will get.

A successful article marketing strategy will usually require that you produce a large number of articles, sometimes up to five per day.  This is a lot of writing for the average person, and will consume a great deal of time.  However, if you are prepared to do the work, you will start to see a steady stream of new home based business leads come your way.  Include your keywords, with a solid keyword density of 3-5%, and develop great titles for your articles.  This will help them get properly indexed, and picked up by not only the article directories, but the search engines, too.  Include a complete author box and links to your site, which will not only help with your link building efforts, but will generate new home based business leads as readers click through to your site.

Re-Using Content Strategy

Remember, any content that you develop (well, the high quality content) can be re-used and recycled and presented in new forms.  Repurposing your content is important.  Not only does it cut down on the amount of content that you have to constantly produce, which can be overwhelming, but it helps to refresh your readers and remind them about your company, your ideas, your products and services, everything there is to know.  Don’t simply rehash all of the old stuff, repurposing means to change it up a bit, perhaps take a post and turn it into a video.  Use content as part of press releases or white papers, and continue to develop the ideas and present them in different forms.  Your posts may make for great email campaign content.  Think outside of the box and bring the information in front of your potential home based business leads again and again, to solidify your presence in their minds.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Getting home based business leads has been made much simpler with the increasing power of social media.  Being able to blast out news about your company, posts, articles, promotions, or just a simple “hello” has made connecting with the world so much easier for most home based business opportunity seekers.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more have allowed online business owners a unique opportunity to connect on a personal level, something that has been missing from internet marketing but is not an inherent part of any successful online business.  Home based business leads are going to come in, based on your exposure to your own contacts.  Because each of their contacts will also be able to access the information, you will find that using social media to generate home based business leads is going to be a very inexpensive and effective way to get noticed.

The number of leads that you generate will vary, but the goal should be to have a steady stream that you can rely on.  Take those leads, and use your existing email list and email address database to develop online marketing campaigns that are going to keep your potential leads interested, and ideally lead them to become true conversions and customers.  Article marketing, content repurposing and social media marketing are all solid ways of generating new home based business leads, and you will want to perfect these methods and continue to develop them and work out any kinks that you run into.

Finding truly free ways to do anything related to a home based internet business is not very likely.  Even the least expensive methods of generating leads is going to require a substantial investment of your time and energy.  Remember, nothing is truly free, but if you are willing to do the work then you can often develop a great online business with little actual financial investment.  All it takes is that you are patient and persistent, and develop goals that are reasonable and attainable.  And, then, you have to do the work that is necessary to put the plan into action and see it through to completion.  Then you will have success!

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