Finding Freebies for Your Email List Offers

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By now you recognize that it helps to have an incentive for your visitors when you are trying to build your email marketing list or get a huge email address database.  One problem that many home based business opportunity seekers face when trying to offer continued incentives is finding enough “freebies” and giveaways to keep the visitors happy.  You do have several options when it comes to developing a freebie for your email list, here are a few ideas:

  1. Build your own freebie:  What kinds of skills do you possess?  Can you write an ebook?  How about a newsletter?  If you have any audio or visual skills, you can put together a “how to” video that your visitors could benefit from.  Think about how you could best use your own skills, and get freebies to give away that cost you only your time to create.
  2. Buy your freebie:  Private Label Rights materials (PLR) are available for your use, usually for a very small fee.  This kind of material can be redistributed to the members of your email address database as an incentive for clicking through or joining up with you.  PLR comes in many forms, articles, eBooks, videos, and even software programs.  Basically, you purchase the rights to use the materials as you see fit.  You can change them to be more appropriate for your particular needs or the needs of your email marketing list, too.
  3. Outsource the development of your freebie:  If you are not a great writer or not very creative, then you can consider the option of hiring someone to develop your freebies for you.  Contractors can be found online to help every home based business opportunity seeker get what they need to get their email marketing list program brimming with freebies.
  4. Get freebies from your affiliates:  Networking can be powerful.  When you are affiliated with other home based business opportunity seekers, you can pool your resources and even trade freebie offers.

Developing a freebie plan to use with your email marketing list need not be a daunting task.  Every home based business opportunity seeker has plenty of options, and choosing what will work best for you is important!

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