Finding Email Marketing Leads

home based business opportunity seekers

Everyone involved in Internet marketing is always looking for email marketing leads.  You can never have too many solid leads, whether you are selling products or looking to build a network with other home based business opportunity seekers.  The more, the merrier when it comes to this particular type of business.  Have you uncovered every stone when it comes to lead generation?  That is doubtful.  Hopefully this article will lead you to a few more ways to find more email marketing leads.

While it sounds pretty simple, are you always including an email signature that leads to your bulk email opt in page?  If not, then this may be a way to squeeze a few more leads, some of them perhaps that you thought were unlikely, into your list.  You can include an email signature on the thousands of emails that you send out to your database, and you can also include an email signature on your personal emails.  It truly can’t hurt.

Develop product videos that involve a demonstration of your product or an explanation of your services.  Add this link to your Facebook and Twitter pages, and watch the number of views climb higher and higher.  It is super simple to upload a video to YouTube, and, as long as it does not contain any copyrighted information (or music!) then you are going to find that you generate some interest in your email marketing leads list.  Home based business opportunity seekers are notorious for enjoying video after video, looking for just the right thing to sell or invest in.  Make your product more visible by, well, making it visible.  Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but videos can be priceless!

Consider using Pinterest and developing pages for pinning.  This new social network has truly taken off in the past year, and this is where many people are professing their love for products and services.  Make pages for your products, and see how you generate email marketing leads as the connections on Pinterest discover.  People want to “pin” to the things their friends discover, let that be you.

Home based business opportunity seekers have many ways that they can generate email marketing leads.  Work with others in your network to share ideas, and everybody wins.

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