Finding and Using Great MLM Opportunity Leads

mlm opportunity leads

Without MLM leads, no multi level marketing business can survive. You need to generate a constant stream of MLM leads if you want to profit. Because the conversion rate for MLM leads is generally low (rates of 3-5% are considered to be pretty good), this should give you a good idea of just how large your lead numbers need to be in order to build up a strong MLM downline. This is a part of the business that can be very time and energy consuming and it should be taken very seriously.

Some MLM downline organizers choose to purchase lists of MLM leads or MLM opportunity leads. While this can sometimes work in your favor, if you are working with a list broker who is careful about how they sell lists and leads, it can often backfire because the leads that you often get from these sources can be overused and over distributed, meaning that they are less valuable when you are looking for MLM opportunity seekers, and many of those on the lists have already opted to join other networks, if they are still interested at all. In general, the quality of many of the lists that you can purchase is less than ideal in most cases. When you contact MLM opportunity seekers too many times, it will be annoying and you will have lost the chance to get them to join your network because this has happened too many times to them already. Or, there is also the possibility that they are just no longer interested in what you have to offer.

How Are Lists Compiled?

Most of the MLM opportunity leads lists are compiled when people opt in to other types of lists. Using the bulk email opt in at the time that someone makes a purchase, for example, is a way that lists are built and gathered. Most people are assuming that they are signing up for a specific list, and may find that their email address is sold to another list broker and put onto a list such as the MLM opportunity leads lists described, which can often make them far less valuable as leads.

When you get MLM opportunity leads who are actual people that are interested in ways to make money from home online, or people who have some previous experience with MLM downlines and know what some of the major benefits of being involved in a profitable MLM downline are already, you will be far better off and be able to have a higher percentage of conversions and have the kind of MLM opportunity leads that you need.

How Can You Improve Your Odds?

As you are seeking new MLM opportunity leads and building your lists, make sure that you are very clear about what you are offering to your potential prospects. Many webmasters simply offer a bulk email opt in form and many visitors will just blindly fill this in without giving it too much thought. Then, suddenly they start getting offers to make money at home through joining an MLM downline, and that is not what they were interested in, or what they thought they would be getting for using the bulk email opt in.  When you are very clear about what the subscriber can expect, meaning that you make sure that they know that they will be contacted with opportunities to make money at home, your list may grow a little more slowly, but each member might be a stronger prospect and you will have a better shot at building up the MLM downline and your MLM opportunity list.

Improving the odds of building a successful MLM opportunity leads list begins with the methods that you use to obtain the email addresses and build your database. Remember, the more open that you can be with anyone who might be considering joining your MLM opportunity lead list, the better chance you have of concentrating your efforts in the right places. Consider the information sharing as part of a screening process. You don’t want to fill up your leads list with the email addition of tons of email addresses belonging to people who really do not have an interest in joining an MLM downline. The number of people on your lead list is not as important as who those people are and how valuable they can be to your efforts when you are building your MLM downline.

Improve Your Own Communication Skills

Your own communication skills are going to be very important for developing your MLM downline. You need to be able to connect effectively with others, and establish yourself as a credible business person, in order to start generating the leads that you will need to keep your numbers up. Work on your own communication skills. Network with other business people, both online and in person, and start to truly hone your sales skills, both written and verbal. When communicating with those prospects you are hoping to lure to your MLM downline through email, be sure that your writing shines. If you are not strong in this area, make sure that you have some help composing and editing the messages, since few thing are as quick of a turn off in the business world as bad writing skills for a sales pitch. But, fear not, if this is a problem for you, since getting help in this area is one of the easier things to do and outsourcing is very common. Verbally, make sure that you know how to convey a message, and that you can be a good listener to others, because this is how you need to connect when communicating in person.

Use a variety of methods to find and use your MLM opportunity leads, and know which people are going to be best suited for different roles—including subscriber, customer, network member, or top sales person. Each place will need to be filled, often by more than one person, so build up a great lead list to choose from.

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