Fast Ways to Build Your Email List

bulk email opt in

Building up a large email list can take time, and many home based business opportunity seekers feel like they are in a hurry.  Here are some ways that can help you build up a solid email address database as quickly as possible:

  1. Add in a bulk email opt in form with every email that you send.  Include one with every blog post and every social media status update.  Many people will enter in their email address to see what you have to offer.  If your offer looks at all enticing, then you will have a great shot at getting a new member to your list.
  2. Consider having a lightbox on your site.  This is the popup that appears on many sites, that gives visitors the opportunity to sign up for your bulk email opt in and join your email address database, though if they choose to skip this step then they can close the popup and proceed to the regular site.  Some internet marketers feel that they would prefer to skip this option, but it is found to be highly successful.  Visitors are made to feel like there is something special to be gained by joining your site, and will often do so.  Your responsibility is to then give them that something special so they feel that they made the right choice.  A lightbox is a nice visual effect, too.
  3. Keep close track of which email marketing list offers that you send to your email address database get opened most frequently, and which ones have the highest conversion rates.  are there certain ones that seem to be duds?  Either fix them up and make them more enticing or change course and focus on what you know is definitely working.

The bigger the email list, the more potential customers you can have.  But, the email address database needs to contain people who are definitely potential customers.  As a home based business opportunity seeker, you need to be focused on the targeted audience.  Spending your time connecting with current customers as well as solid new leads is the only way to build up your email list quickly.

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