Engaging Customers in Your Network Marketing Business

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The two most important things when it comes to success with network marketing or any kind of internet marketing is to be able to generate leads or find customers, and then keep those customers loyal. When you can master the balance of these two things, you will be well on your way to success and meeting your goals of making money online.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you are a network marketing newbie or if you have been involved with making money online for years and years, the concepts remain the same and you need to understand what you are up against. The most successful network marketers are not necessarily the ones who have the most contacts or the biggest email address databases, but they are indeed the ones that are most committed to engaging the customers and keeping them as loyal as possible.

How can you keep your hard earned customers happy and engaged? There are several methods that are known to be pretty tried and true, and these are the areas in which you should be focusing most of your efforts.

What is the Message?

First and foremost, you have to be consistent with the message that you are delivering. Your online marketing strategy needs to deliver the information that you want your customers to receive, and you have to continue to stick with a plan that is consistent. This does not mean that you should be sending the exact same message over and over until you get a response—in fact, this will shoot your unsubscribe rate sky high pretty quickly. Instead, you want to have a consistent plan, delivered in a series of steps that will allow your customers to know what you are about and what you can offer to them.

For instance, perhaps you have developed a business plan to help others get started with an online business. You may have it broken down into a series of seven steps or something like that. Your email marketing plan should be consistently delivering messages that provide additional information each time, building on the last message that was sent. As your readers continue to receive them, they will be more engaged and continue to look forward to the next installment. This helps to build and maintain the customer loyalty that you need to stay successful. It helps you to build a relationship that can be long lasting and effective, leading to profits on your part and happiness on the part of the customer.

If you deviate from the proposed plan, and start to send out unrelated information or different information, or you fail to adhere to the “promised steps” that you had outlined earlier, you will no doubt be seen as less credible, and your readers will lose interest and think that you are not going to deliver what you promise when it comes to goods and services, certainly if you cannot stick to the promises you made about sending certain emails. Be careful to follow through consistently with what you promise! This is critically important for the growth of your business.

Freebies Dramatically Increase Engagement

By now, you probably realize that offering incentives and freebies is a great way to engage the customers. Everyone loves to get something for free, so even small incentives can provide dramatic results when it comes to keeping your customers engaged and keeping them interested in being a part of your email address database or network marketing list.

There are plenty of options that are available at a low cost to you, the internet marketer or network marketing specialist, that will still be quite valuable as an incentive. Offering downloadable materials, ebooks, free memberships, free trial memberships or other small tokens of appreciation are going to help you to get the interest of your email list and keep the relationship growing in the right direction with your customers. Small tokens of appreciation are always well received. This is also very helpful for growing your brand, and will make your company more memorable to your customers.

Adding on a small incentive for the customer that is making a purchase is also extremely effective. Free shipping, a bonus coupon to use at a later date, a reward for referring another customer, free downloads and more can all contribute to the success of your marketing plan.

Remember, keeping your network marketing list engaged is the key to your success. With different methods to take care of this task, you should be able to combine a multitude of strategies and develop a strong following. Give the customers and the members of your marketing list what they are looking for, and they will become more loyal and remain a viable part of your business. No business can succeed, whether you are involved with a traditional brick and mortar business or an internet marketing business, without enough customers. Loyal customers and repeat customers are definitely the ones you want to have on your side.

The internet is a highly competitive marketplace, but there is always room for another solid company. Make your company solid and successful by focusing on the basics—generating leads, turning them into loyal customers and keeping them highly satisfied. The biggest and most successful companies have mastered this, but so many small businesses continue to thrive for years and years by following the same formulas.

Loyal customers help with generating new customers by providing positive feedback, both on review sites and social media. This will help your traffic numbers grow, give you higher placement in the search engine results, and help to build your network. The larger lists are not necessarily the best ones, it is the quality of the members of your network that is what really matters when it comes to the longevity and conversions. Profits come from sales and consistency, so being consistently useful to the network marketing list will mean that those members stick around for the long haul and give your company the continuous feeding that it needs.

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