What Does Email Opt In Mean?

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With so many “buzz words” surrounding Internet marketing and email marketing, it can be easy to seem like you know what you are talking about—yet actually not be very clear. One of the terms that is frequently used is “opt in” and it might not be as obvious as it first seems. A bulk email opt in is a method frequently used by email marketers to build up their business database lists.

Those email marketers who are using business database lists with a bulk email opt in plan begin their marketing campaign with an empty list. They build their email lists by having customers “opt in” to a list. It is important to explicitly state what you plan to do with the person’s email address when they choose the bulk email opt in. If they are signing up to receive one issue of a newsletter, or an online catalog, then that is what they should receive and you should not be storing their email address or keeping them on your email lists. If the instructions are explicit and they know that they are signing up for a recurring subscription, or to be a part of a business database list, then you have their permission to continue to keep their name on your email list.

Unfortunately, the bulk email opt in is becoming more and more necessary for email marketing campaigns. Increasing numbers of email marketers are being referred as spammers, and you want to build a trusting and reciprocal relationship with the members of your business database list so that they want to remain on the list and continue to hear from you. Those who wish to unsubscribe should always be permitted the option of doing so, with little hassle. Once they choose to no longer be a part of your email list or bulk email opt in, then they should not continue to receive any communications from your company or affiliates.

As previously discussed, using a bulk email opt in is a smart way to do any email marketing. This is a great start toward being able to personalize offers and messages and build up a strong customer base and a strong business database list that can be very profitable.

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