Email Marketing Success Awaits

email marketing list

When you are using email for your online marketing purposes, you have to remember that every person will not think that every offer is as sweet as you do. You have to consider the audience, and send people what it is that they want to see. This is where the concept of audience segmentation comes in handy. Different emails are going to work well for different groups—hopefully you know who in your list falls into each category. There will be new sign-ups, there will be repeat customers, there will be (hopefully) a group of people that you can count as loyal customers. Each group is valuable, and each should be handled a little differently for best results. For example, if you are offering a sale in your physical store location, you are going to want to target people in a certain geographical location. You don’t want to be sending out a blanket offer to everyone on your email list when they are going to have to come into your store to take advantage of it. That just doesn’t make sense. Knowing how your email marketing list is divided, and being able to target certain segments is very important to your email marketing success. When the offer is relevant, it will be more likely to be well received and people will remember this effort. If they are constantly getting offers that do not pertain to them, well, then you will have them losing interest in your company quickly. Remember, there are plenty of other companies out there willing to swoop in and poach your customers—keeping them loyal is a major priority. Be sure to honor the permission that you received from your subscribers. If they gave you an email address at the time that they made a purchase, you must get their explicit permission to send them future offers, or you will run the risk of being a spammer. In the email marketing world, that is surely the kiss of death, and something to be avoided at all cost. Along those same lines, be sure that you always include the dreaded “unsubscribe.” Although you hope that nobody ever has to push that “eject” button to get off of your list, you want to always make their participation in your email marketing campaign voluntary. Respect your marketing list, it is the key to your success!

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