Email Marketing List Mistakes to Avoid

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New businesses make up a large portion of the internet marketing world. However, it is important to note that a large percentage of them will certainly fail during the first year. Statistics show that fewer than 1 out of every 10 new internet marketing businesses will last and be profitable. What is the reason for this? Well, there are definitely a few major reasons that this occurs, but the single biggest reason is usually poor planning, or failure to have a solid business plan that is well executed. Those internet marketing businesses that are using email marketing lists for part of their online marketing strategy are prone to making some common mistakes, but these mistakes can be avoided by the average home based business opportunity seeker who knows how to plan well and execute their  plan, working steadily toward their goals.

Get on Top of Your Email Marketing List Campaign

Once you start up your internet marketing website, you want to get to work on your email marketing list campaign. Building an email list takes time, and you shouldn’t wait too long to get started. All you need is one email address to start your marketing strategy and get the ball rolling. While having a large list may not happen immediately, the most successful internet marketing specialists know that you have to start somewhere and each customer can potentially lead to another, and another. Especially with social media being so popular, it is wise to get the word out as soon as you have any members of your target audience.

Once you begin your email marketing list, you want to get a campaign going right away. When people use your bulk email opt in to subscribe to your email list, they are expecting that they will hear from you promptly. Waiting too long can lead them to forget about you and your company, and why they might have even signed up for your email marketing list in the first place.

First Impressions Count

When contacting the members of your email address database, you want to put your best foot forward and make a good impression right away. A bad first impression never leads to good things, and you only get one shot at looking good. Ideally you will start to build up visitors and subscribers as you get traffic to your site, and you want to develop a strong email marketing campaign that impresses your recipients. As you email the recipients, you want to remind them to invite others and help you build up your list. Offer incentives for those recipients who lead you to more subscribers!

As you are contacting the subscribers for the first time, remember that you might still be unfamiliar to them. Make sure that you properly introduce yourself and your company, so that they know exactly what you are all about. Autoresponders are great for this process, as you can use them to make a few initial contacts before you really start showing your offers and promotions. Once the members of your email address database have become familiar with you, they will be more likely to open your message, and respond by clicking through and hopefully answering your call to action. The pre-exposure that you can offer so that recipients begin to become familiar with your brand and know what to expect when they are ready for your offer helps to build the trusting relationship that you will need to create customer loyalty.

Don’t Forget About Your Email Marketing List

When you are starting up your internet marketing website or company, you probably have several components to your online marketing strategy, not just email marketing. But, you have to remember that your email marketing strategy is one of the quickest ways to build your brand exposure and develop a solid list of customers, in the form of an email address database. One common problem among small business internet marketing specialists is that they tend to forget about their email marketing database from time to time, leaving long periods in between contacts that offer promotions, information, incentives or other communication with their audience. In the world of internet marketing, this translates into a breakup, often with no hope of reconciliation. Your email address database members are most likely to be very fickle (most are) and they will have moved on after a short period of neglect, and found another company to do business with. Don’t forget about communicating with them on a daily basis.

Your email marketing campaign can be very profitable, often having a much higher ROI (return on investment) than many other internet marketing solutions. When you go about things in the right manner, and have a great plan, you can expect things to go very well. Email marketing list campaigns are a great way for you to build the ongoing, trusting relationships with your customers that can lead to long term profits.

And, do not forget about social media marketing, either, when it comes to your email marketing list. Invite each member to join you on the social networks, giving you yet another way for you to connect with them and build relationships. Social media is extremely popular and will be able to promote your company in an additional way, one that complements your email marketing campaign well.

Have everything ready as soon as you get started with your internet marketing business. Develop the autoresponders that will let your email address database members know about you and your company. Develop the messages and landing pages that will help you get ahead with the marketing campaign and have people start to understand how badly they want and need your products and services. Stick with it, patiently and methodically, and you will find that this is an inexpensive, yet highly profitable manner in which you are going to be able to make money online as a home based business opportunity seeker. Using email marketing as part of your online strategy is a great idea.

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