Email Marketing for Mobile Devices

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By now you are more than familiar with the staggering statistics.  Although you may not know the numbers off of the top of your head, you know that an overwhelming number of Americans are using mobile devices to access their email.  So, if your email marketing campaign does not account for this, your emails are not going to be received properly, and, therefore, will be far less likely to be responded to or be effective in any way.

Optimizing your email marketing list campaign for mobile devices is something you can no longer ignore.  Failing to keep up with this technology will leave your company in the dust, and this will happen in the not too distant future.  Once someone switches over to a smart phone and starts accessing their email this way, it is only a matter of time before your un-openable emails start to simply get discarded, rather than even set aside to be read later on a regular PC.

Here are three tips that can help get your emails opened on mobile devices:

  1. Avoid using small links.  Keep in mind that most people are using the pinch and touch method of navigating.  If your links are too small, they are either going to be too hard to see or too hard to access precisely with a thumb or finger.  When someone feels clumsy using their smart phone, they are not going to bother with your links.  Make sure yours are prominent and easy to access.
  2. Get to the point.  People checking their email quickly on their phone want to get right to the message.  Avoid using too much description and too much prose before you get to the call to action.  What are you trying to say?  Don’t waste their time by providing too much explanation about your offer.  Get them interested right away, and once they click through to your landing page, they will get more information.  You aren’t the only busy multitasker around, be respectful of your recipients, as well.
  3. Test several times, on several devices.  Open your email offer on several different devices and using different browsers, to make sure that everything loads properly and looks right.  Poor loading or emails that display incorrectly in different browsers are huge turnoffs to users.

Each of these things is critical for your email marketing campaign to be a success.  Forgetting about mobile users is not forgivable these days!

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