Keep At it When You are Email Marketing

business opportunity seekers

Trying to drum up business through email marketing is a tedious process, but one that can pay off significantly once you get the right email address database containing the email addresses of a strong targeted audience. If you are using an email list that was made by a reputable email list broker, then you can often continue to offer the recipients great things, and, eventually, you will find that some of them will come around.

For example, let’s say you have a software tool that would appeal to many business opportunity seekers. You have a great email address database, and have sent out an offer explaining the many benefits that these home business opportunity seekers are going to be interested in. What if some of them pass on the offer because of the price? If they do not choose to opt out of your list, then you may be able to resend the offer to them in another week or so. Discounting the same product will often get their attention and make them possibly consider your offer.

What’s really interesting is that you can often offer a product at a higher price to business opportunity seekers on your email list, and, surveys show that you can then send the same products in an email offer up to four times to the same list of people, discounting the offer by 5-10% each time, and by the fourth time you mail it, you will probably have tripled your conversion rate and gained some new customers. This happens because the customers are becoming familiar with your company and your product, and the more they see it, the more they will consider making a purchase and trying out this new product. And, typically, it is only going to mean a few dollars less profit for you. Keep in mind that if they are satisfied, they will very likely return to your company when they need similar products or service.

While it is important to note that this advice does not suggest that you should badger the business opportunity seekers that are on your email address database, it is a reminder that you can often eventually convince people that your products and services are worth trying. Keep outlining benefits, and keep offering slight discounts until you find the tipping point where people will be willing to give you a chance. Once you get that chance, you need to do everything possible to keep the customers on your email list pleased and loyal!

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