Why Use Email Marketing, Anyway?

bulk email opt in

It might seem like sending out a mass bulk opt in email is more like a shot in the dark. Cold calling is not very effective when it comes to sales techniques, yet most companies still use this archaic method—because it does still get some new business. All business is good business. It just might not be the most effective strategy to use these days. But, email marketing lists continue to be used, all the time, by Internet marketers. This is because it is fast and easy, and costs nearly nothing. Cold calling means trying one customer at a time, when a bulk email opt in can hit hundreds or thousands of inboxes simultaneously. Even a few leads from this method would be good!

Does it Work?

Email marketing does work. Perhaps it is not the strongest Internet marketing strategy around, but because it is cheap and easy it is worth a shot. Most email marketers think of email marketing lists as a tool for gaining some new customers, but, many times, a bulk email opt in is perceived as spam by the recipients. Email marketing is best used with known customers, as a way to keep your company in the forefront of their minds, and remind them to visit your site for new products and services, or special promotional offers. Internet marketers than spend the majority of their time looking for new customers are missing out on the opportunity to keep current or previous customers by cultivating their relationship through email marketing lists, which is far cheaper than trying to find new ones.

Mix it Up!

Using a combination of advertising techniques, including email marketing lists, will get you the best results for your Internet marketing campaign. Email marketing is merely one tool in the arsenal that you can combine with other methods, like online ads, print marketing, or even direct mailings. Focus on using email marketing lists to communicate primarily with your existing clientele, with some bulk email opt in mailings to be used to reach out to potential new customers. When doing so, be sure to use a reputable source for your email address database, and avoid delivering any message that could be misconstrued as spam.

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