Email List Rapport

emai list

Once you have established the initial relationship with the members of your email address database, you have to maintain the rapport with them by enhancing the connection.  They must feel valued if they are going to keep with you for the long run.  When you consistently provide them with information that is valuable, and respect them as members of your email list and potential customers, you will be able to increase the rapport that you have already established.

In order to maintain that rapport, you have to continuously provide them with quality information.  This means great content and great offers.  This is an ongoing process, and one that will require much of the total time that you spend working on your email list marketing campaign.  Continue to provide autoresponder messages that send out information and reminders, but once you have the email leads as solid members of your marketing database, you may not have to contact them as frequently as when you are first building up that trust and loyalty.

Sending out autoresponder messages with a weekly frequency is often enough at this stage of the game.  You do not need the constant contact, and can actually pull back a little bit.  This gives you a little bit of a break, in terms of developing content, but you still have to be working hard as a home based business opportunity seeker to maintain these customers and email leads.  You should be very aware of your membership, and attend immediately if you notice that you are experiencing any significant attrition of your email list members.

By this point, your email list members are most likely regularly opening and reading your emails.  This is a great sign, and one that is very promising as you measure your progress toward your goals.  Keep the solid content flow going and you will be able to maintain the valuable rapport that you have already established.

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