Email List Marketing: Should You Buy or Rent a List?

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Email marketing list campaigns require that you have a solid and full email address database to work from.  There is a great deal of discussion around the topic of buying or renting a list.  Those home based business opportunity seekers who are new to the business may think that it is simple to buy or rent an email list and get a great business going.  This is not necessarily the case.

Most successful email marketing list campaigns involve the use of a bulk email opt in, where people choose to become a member of your email marketing list, and they are essentially asking to receive emails from you with certain kinds of offers.  When you rent or buy a list, this doesn’t mean that you actually receive an email address database, it means that you submit your offer to another company and then they send out your offer to the members of the email list.

As a home based business opportunity seeker, you want to have some control over who is receiving your email offers.  You want to be able to handle the email addresses and keep track of who the offers are sent to, and who responds.  This helps you to build a very strong email marketing list, one that can serve you well over a long period of time.  Leaving your email marketing campaign in the hands of someone else is usually a mistake.

When you buy or rent an email marketing list, you also run the risk of using a list that has received many spam offers, meaning that the recipients are less and less likely as time goes on to accept your offer as legitimate.  If they think your offer is just another bit of spam in their inbox, you have no shot whatsoever with success of your email marketing campaign.  Nobody will even open your email or give it a second glance.

Buying or renting an email list is far less desirable than using a bulk email opt in system that can help you establish a strong email address database over time.  Nothing happens overnight with email marketing, but slow and steady wins the race!

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