Email Leads Help Conversions

email leads

Every home based business opportunity seeker is constantly looking for ways to generate new email leads, and ways that they can engage better with their audience.  Here are a few ways that you can increase your ability to connect with your email address database:

  1. Use a bulk email opt in, and never buy or rent a list.  If you must buy a list to start out with, be sure that you are working with a very reputable list broker, one who is only using names that are connected with users who have provided explicit permission.  Any email address broker who is using poached or stolen lists is only going to get you into trouble with the recipients.
  2. Always work on building the personal relationship with the recipient.  Appeal to the ways in which you can help them solve their problems.  Use the benefits and features of your products and services wisely, and help them gain insight about how they can use your company to make their life better.
  3. Show your recipients and the members of your email address database that you are truly an authority in your niche, and that you are an expert.  Offer your opinions, and back them up with fact and other information that supports your position.
  4. Offer a true personal touch when you can.  Once or twice a week, try sending out a mass email to your email address database that offers them an opportunity to call with questions.  Set up a toll free number, and indicate the times that you will be available to take their calls.  You will be surprised to find that you get a few calls, and this can not only generate new email leads, but generate true conversions as well.
  5. Use surveys to find out how you are doing.  The members of your email address database will want to give their opinion, so take that feedback and use it wisely.

As a home based business opportunity seeker, generating large numbers of leads is important and challenging.  Use these tips for building rapport with your email list, and getting a more solid relationship as a foundation for your business.

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