Email: Cheap and Easy Internet Marketing

bulk email opt in

Because email is cheap, easy and effective, it is an important part of the online strategy for any home based business opportunity seeker.  Developing a strong email address database can help you increase profits, and increase your customer base.  It is highly recommended by most online marketing companies that you use email marketing effectively to get the most out of your internet marketing efforts.

Make absolutely certain that your email is going to be deliverable to those members of your email address database.  When emails are going to invalid email addresses, they will be bounced back, which will affect your ability to connect with the valid addresses.  Your company could eventually be added to a black list because of a high rate of undeliverable emails.  Check your email address database carefully, and periodically prune it so that it is full of fresh and solid leads.

Never spam your email address database.  You want your emails to go directly to an inbox, not be redirected automatically to a spam folder.  Or, worse yet, you do not want your subscribers to get your email in their inbox, and then determine that it is spam and mark it on their own.  Remember that you are only supposed to be sending emails to those people who have opted in, either through a bulk email opt in feature or during some other interaction with your company or your website.  Sending out emails that are unsolicited is a big “no no” when it comes to email marketing.

Track your results.  Make sure you know how many people are opening your emails, and how many people are clicking through.  Also, tracking your conversions and who is actually converting can help you tailor your email marketing campaign so that it is even more effective.  Email address databases can be segmented into different groups, allowing you to communicate in an effective and timely manner with your email leads and get the best results.  When you have high opening rates but low conversions, you may want to work on your call to action or your message, because it is not effective enough to lure your recipients.

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