Get the Most From Your Email Broadcast

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If you are like most email marketing specialists and business opportunity seekers, you are always looking for the next great idea when it comes to your email broadcast. How can you grab the attention of the recipient from your email database list and make them open your email instead of sending it to the spam folder or just deleting it without ever even opening it? One of the secrets is making it more personal. You can do this in a number of ways.

Today’s email user is bombarded by tons of “special” offers each day. The sheer number of emails that is received by the average email user is staggering, and the number of these emails that claims to contain something special is amusing. How can anything be that special? You have to set your email broadcast apart from the bunch. Do this by addressing the recipient on your email database list by name, for starters. Most email marketing software products will allow the first (or last) name of the recipient to be entered into either the actual subject line (“Hey, Dan, check out what we found for you!”) or at the beginning of the email when it is opened, like a greeting. When a name is used, most people feel that the email is a little more personal, and they will probably be more likely to open it. It will at least grab their attention for a second, as the recipient will need to make sure it isn’t an actual personal message from a friend.

Remind Them!

Your email database list should contain the email addresses of people who you have done business with, or those that you are fairly likely to do business with. It should not be filled with random and meaningless groups of email addresses, and you should carefully evaluate any email address lists for sale before buying a list. Your email broadcast should not resemble cold calling. You should really be approaching it as if these people are (hopefully some already are) your customers and you are ready to sell them additional goods and services. A great email broadcast is one that reminds your customers that you are still around, and ready to meet their needs.

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