Don’t Forget the Customer When You Use Automated Sprints

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Just because using automated sprints is simple and easy, and allows you to connect with your customers you cannot forget that you are still supposed to be interacting with them on a more personal level, too.  Engaging with the customers is a complicated process and one that needs attention on a regular basis.  Combining automatic sprints and autoresponders with true connections is probably one of the most successful ways that you can engage with your customers.

There are specific points of engagement that may be more important than others.  For example, when a customer signs up for your newsletter, this is a perfect time to engage with them through an autoresponder that thanks them for signing up.  After a customer uses a bulk email opt in to join your email address database is another important time.

Engaging more personally during times when you may have a special offer or promotion that may specifically appeal to a targeted segment of your email list can be done at other times.  These emails should be more tailored, and more personal, for best results.  Don’t let your email go unopened because it appears to be just “another offer” and may not look like it is worth the effort of opening it.

Each customer needs to be valued.  Your email address database is a priceless collection of leads, and should be treated as such.  Engaging with the customers on a variety of levels is important, and will go a long way toward making the customer feel more appreciated.  When the customer feels appreciated by you, they are going to remember your company when they are in the market for your goods and services, and they are also going to tell other people about your company, which is important for lead generation.  Referrals are going to be a good source of leads for you.  Even when the customer does not buy something, they should be rewarded for checking out your site, even if it is only by an automated email that thanks them for coming, or a pop up message that shows they have been noticed.

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