Don’t Forget the Small Stuff in Email Marketing

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There are some parts of an email marketing list campaign that are very large, and others that are very small. Sometimes it is the simple things that get you noticed by your visitors and get them to return again and again. Have you considered having subscribers be able to comment on your posts? This is a fantastic way to be able to engage in conversations about interesting topics related to your niche. And, when they are notified each time there is an additional comment made in the same thread, then people will return to see what’s going on.

Easy Ways to Engage

Consider a weekly newsletter or helpful tip related to the niche that you and the people on your email lists are interested in hearing about. Free tips are almost always welcomed. These tips can be helpful reminders about using their own email marketing lists or they can be additional information that might be helpful.

Always respond when someone replies to you or, after clicking through to your site, leaves a comment. Even if the comment is not a compliment, unless it is truly explicit or extremely derogatory, it can be useful to respond and show that you are interested in the opinions held by those on your email marketing list and you are dedicated to having a good reputation and providing good service and good communication.

Visitors that get to your website from an email marketing list will be happy to see videos on your site. Having video is a proven way to engage viewers, many will watch the video just to see what it is about. In the clip, you have the opportunity to truly explain your offer in detail, and a personal message and call to action. If you choose to use video as part of your strategy to create business opportunity leads, then be sure that it is informative, well done and short and sweet! Don’t drag on and on, people like to watch a video message that is compelling yet gets to the point right away. If you have a lot to say to your potential business opportunity leads, then consider a video series of shorter clips. This is a great strategy to create a personal connection and have visitors return repeatedly.

There are many important things to remember when looking for business opportunity leads using an email marketing list. Above all, you need to establish a connection and some familiarity with your recipients, the rest will fall into place!

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