Don’t Get Accused of Spamming

bulk email opt in

If you ever send out mass emails to an email lead list, then you may at some point be accused of spamming. This can be a problem, as you do not want this kind of mark on your record. When multiple recipients report your email as spam, your address could be blacklisted and it will become increasingly likely that your emails don’t make it through the spam filter.

One way to avoid this is to ensure that you get your email lead lists from a reputable source. Sending your email to willing recipients will increase your conversion rates, increase traffic to your site and improve your overall success. When you are using an email list that contains multiple invalid addresses, or addresses that have been skimmed from other lists and belong to recipients that did not explicitly give their permission for their address to be used, you will find yourself labeled as a spammer.

What Can You Do?

Whenever you use an email lead list to send out an email, you should offer recipients the option of unsubscribing to your email list. And, when they do unsubscribe, you should promptly remove the email from your database and not send further emails. This makes recipients feel that they have some control over what appears in their inbox, most people are weary of the hundreds or thousands of spammy offers that they receive every week and open only a small percentage of them to see if there is something worthwhile.

When you do send out your bulk email opt in, you should use a subject that makes your email appear as credible as possible. Forget about “Hi,” or “Your friend thought you would like this.” These subject lines are almost a guaranteed kiss of death for your bulk email. Few people are still fooled by this tactic, and this will be one of the quickest ways to get labeled as a spammer.

More than anything, you must ensure that your emails to an email list should appear as professional as possible. When your message is not well done and well presented, then you will be less successful. You don’t want to find out that you are annoying people with your message, you want to inspire them to do business with you!

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