Do We Know Each Other? MLM Leads Tips

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When working on developing your MLM leads, you need to be working on developing a relationship with the people you are hoping to make into real prospects. As you get the emails from those wishing to get more information, you need to be focusing on the relationship that you can build, and how to make it stronger.

You are probably using some combination of techniques, including email marketing, to communicate with your MLM leads list. When doing so, you want to make sure that the recipient truly knows who you are and how you got their email address. Always be sure to include a reference to the fact that you obtained their email address with their permission, or mention that they contacted you asking for more information. Unfortunately, so many people often receive so many offers and email promotions, that they can forget why they gave you their email address in the first place. Reminding them can be helpful, and is more likely to help you build the relationship that you need to turn that potential lead into a great member of your MLM downline. Taking the extra second to add the personal touch will make a difference, in almost every case.

Professional Counts

Always send your emails from a recognizable email address, preferably something that looks professional and properly represents your MLM company. Sending it from may look a little silly, so make sure that you sign up for an email that is only going to be something that you want people to associate you with and remember. When you use a silly email name, be prepared to not be taken as seriously.

We Met Back When….

Indicating how you are connected will definitely help to speed along the relationship building process, which is critical to the success of building a solid MLM downline from your MLM leads. Remind the recipient that they downloaded something from your site, or signed up for your email list, or gave you an email address as a contest entry, or whatever the case may be. Just be sure to let them know how you are connected, so that they do not just toss out your email without even reading it. Establishing that connection will be very helpful, and you can not only increase the open rate, but decrease the unsubscribe rate, too, when you practice this method.

Mobile Matters

When contacting the MLM leads that you have, make sure that your messages are properly optimized for viewing on mobile devices. When you are aware of the differences between regular PCs and mobile devices, and customize your messages to account for these differences, your recipients will be very grateful. It is very frustrating to try and read emails on a mobile device when they are not properly optimized, and with so many people relying so heavily on their mobile devices, you have to attend to this detail. Tiny screens make viewing and clicking through more of a challenge, so be sure to optimize for mobile for best results.

Be Genuine

When communicating with your MLM leads list, remember you are trying to convince them to buy in to your product or better yet, buy into your company and become part of your MLM downline. You must come across as genuine and sincere, but keep in mind that you are not truly “friends” in the traditional sense with these folks. Overly sincere, or forced friendliness comes across as annoying and will be a turn off to the recipients. Sincerity means conveying a sense that you mean what you say and you believe in your product and your company, this is what needs to shine through. Act natural, and this will happen, and you will develop the relationship that you need with the recipient.

The Disappearing Act

We’ve talked about not bombarding the recipients of your email marketing list with offers and endless communications, but the reverse of this is just as bad. If you disappear for too long, they will begin to forget about you. Once they forget you, they will move on to the next great offer. Failing to regularly contact your MLM leads will let them get cold, so make sure that you are in regular, just not constant, contact with your MLM lists.

Bad Links

Any email that you send to your MLM leads list must be free from broken links. If you are lucky enough to connect with the recipient and get them to click through and open your email, then everything had better be working properly. Few things are as frustrating to the recipient as wanting to learn more and not being able to get the information because of broken links. Take the time to make sure everything is mechanically sound! The same goes for proofreading carefully. Typos and grammatical errors make everything included in the email look unprofessional, if you can’t handle this task yourself, then hire someone else to make sure it is polished and professional.

The Total Package

When you send out emails to your MLM leads list with the right frequency, the right relevance, and the right quality, you stand a much better chance at getting to the success that you hope for. Explain what you have to offer, in a clear and concise way. Include a succinct and compelling call to action, so that the recipient knows just what to do to get more information about your MLM downline or your products. Be sure to promptly respond (using a professional email address) and answer any questions that arise, or send more information when they request. Respecting the needs of your recipients will help you to build a strong and successful downline, one that can compete with anything out there. Power comes over time, and success does not happen overnight. With patience and a sound plan, you can expect to build up a great online business, one that continues to attract solid leads and results in a strong MLM downline that is profitable.

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