Direct Sales Means Being a Salesperson – Act Like It!

being a salespersonIf you are working in the world of direct sales and buying marketing lists from us, then you need to think like a salesperson. That means that you have goals and you are results oriented in reaching them. It also means that you are ready to fail and ready to learn from those failures. Here what you need to know about these lessons and others:

Goal are Important

I touched on this in my introduction, but let’s expand on this. Look into the locker room at almost any major chain store in the country and you’ll inevitably see that they have a sales chart up which tracks who has made the most sales that month. Ultimately, as a direct marketer, your goal is quite similar – you need to keep expanding the number of sales that you make to your potential clients.

Be Ready to Fail

A good salesperson is ready and willing to fail in their efforts to make a sale. They know that even a failure in sales means that they can gain valuable insight. They can examine where the sales failed and then decide how to proceed from there so that they can effectively change their tactics in the future. When you buy a mailing list from us to use with a direct sales campaign, you need to use the same kind of philosophy – if you don’t make the number of sales you want to make, then you need to be able to at least take some lessons from that failure and be ready to turn it around in a future campaign.

Don’t Dawdle

Walk into a store where people work on commission and you’ll inevitably be approached by a salesperson who wants to help you with whatever it is that you want to purchase. That’s because they know that their monthly income depends on making a certain number of sales. So why would you, as someone doing direct sales do anything different? Be ready to get the job done as quickly as possible so that you can move on to your next campaign instead of buying a list and sitting on it for three months.

Understand Psychology

The classic care salesman’s pitch is that they’ll insist that you must pick the color of the car that you are buying. Why? Because by doing so, they have taken away your choice of whether or not to make a purchase and replaced that with a different choice – which color to buy. People like having choices and don’t like to be pressured into making a purchase. So why not make sure that they are able to get what they want and offer them choices? Choose how you’ll pay for our products – American Express or MasterCard. Choose the color you want to order. Just don’t offer the choice whether to buy.



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