Developing Relationships With Email List Subscribers

email marketing database

Part of having an email marketing list is having the ability to develop relationships with the members of that email marketing database.  When you are able to establish good relationships with these people, you may be able to have a list of customers that you can rely on for a long time.  These customers will often, in turn, recommend your company to others, which is why establishing a relationship is so important.

What this is referred to in the email marketing business is sticking.  Sticking means that the customers stick around.  To get customers to stick around, you want to send them occasional autoresponder messages that help them to remember you.  Don’t overdo the autoresponders, because they will not stick around if they feel too bombarded.

Great content helps to increase the sticking of customers.  When you have something interesting to share, they are going to be interested in opening your messages and checking out what’s inside.  Usually no more than twice per week is recommended as you try to develop the relationship with your customers and email leads and get them to connect with you in a way that can lead to a long term relationship.  Make sure that you are addressing their interests and communicating useful information to them, so that they do not tire of hearing from you.

Email leads that become “sticky” are the best kind to have.  These are the customers who will value your company, because they feel valued to be your customer.  Your autoresponder messages to them should not all be directed at gaining a sale, but directed instead at getting them to be loyal to you.  This loyalty is the cornerstone of success for just about every home based business opportunity seeker and should be addressed on a continual basis.

Email lists are valuable, and building your own from scratch is often the best and most successful way to do things, but some home based business opportunity seekers start out with a rented or purchased list.  This is fine, but remember that you have a lot more work to do to establish the relationships if you have not had the subscribers directly sign up to be contacted by you, so have plenty of patience and expect ebbs and flows in your email address database under these conditions.

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