Developing Compelling Titles for Your Email Campaign

email marketing leads

How can you get recipients to open your email? Much of the success of your email marketing campaign may be related to what you actually put in the subject line of your email when you send it to your email list database. Is what you have to say going to urge people to open the email and learn more about what you have to offer? A dull subject line will send your email almost directly to the trash, without ever being opened. This is not the best way to make a profit. Learn how you can develop great subject lines that will compel recipients to open the email—this is the first step toward great success with an email marketing lead campaign.

First, you want to be certain that you personalize the email to each recipient in the email list database. Doing so will grab their attention, as the email will seem more friendly and it will be apparent that you care about your potential customers enough to address them by name. A bland opening, or no greeting at all, will leave less of an impression on the recipient.

To generate an email marketing lead from each and every recipient is impossible, but you can certainly maximize the number of people who at least open your email. This is definitely the first step—when you attend to the details like the subject line, your likelihood of success will increase.

An alluring subject line is not “New Offers!” But, using something like, “See What Your Competition is Doing!”, or “Learn How to Trim Two Inches in Two Weeks” may just do the trick. You need to immediately address the potential benefits, right in the subject line, if you want your email to be looked at. Without having a compelling reason to open your email, the recipients in your email list database are going to be far more likely to just trash your message, and probably open one that came from a competitor who selected a better subject line! Get ahead of the competition by gaining your recipients’ interest right from the start, using a great subject line.

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