Dealing With Negative Reactions In Your Network Marketing Business

There are a tremendous number of business opportunities out there for those willing to put in hard work and dedication. Many of them are within the world of direct sales and multi-level marketing, often called network marketing as well.

These businesses can offer a fast, more affordable way to create your own business and start trying to build up a solid customer base. However, in order to succeed within this field you’ll have to directly interact with others and build up your customer list – as well as recruit additional team members to help take your company further.

But one of the biggest issues out there related to this is simply the reaction that others may have when you start talking to them about it. Network marketing has a stigma that it’s never been able to shake completely, thanks in large part to the history of failed businesses that it’s left in its wake. But there are a couple of things to remember:

• Success is very possible through hard work, dedication, and the right lead generation. The reason so many fail is simply that they expect overnight success or to get ‘something for nothing”

• All of those negative reactions and objections can be overcome if you understand how. It’s all in your approach and your response, and even the most severe negative attitudes can often be overcome through the right steps.

There’s a lot to keep in mind regarding this process, and it’s worth taking the time to look at various aspects of what to expect and how to react when you’re confronted with negativity from those you’re trying to talk to about your business.

The Fundamentals Of Your Response

The first thing to understand is simply how your response influences this situation directly. There is no way that you can avoid the simple fact that you’ll face negative reactions and objections from others. But what you can control is how you respond, and depending upon your response there is a good chance that you could change the minds of those who are reacting so negatively. Here are some points to consider.

• First of all, don’t take offense or go on the defensive immediately. Your emotional reaction will tell them a lot about how professional you are, and the key thing to remember is that you want to come across like a true professional. And that means not acting as if you’re on the defensive.

• Validate their concerns. You already know that people have preconceived notions about network marketing, right? Why try to deny it or argue against it? Instead, admit that their concerns are grounded in reality, but then start presenting a different side of things. Whether it’s “I felt the same way, but then I realized this about this business and how it’s different” or something similar, letting them know that you value and understand their concern is the first step towards better overall management of the situation.

• Remember that while you’re certainly trying to sell something, you also have to stand out as being a professional who is more than just a salesperson. Approach things from a perspective beyond just ‘look at this, it’s great and you should buy it” and you’ll start noticing much better results.

Simply put, the way that you react will have a big impact on your success or failure at overcoming negative reactions from others. You should expect some resistance from certain people, and be prepared to respond in a way that will lead to a new understanding and respect of your network marketing business from them.

Dealing With Negative Reactions In Your Network Marketing Business

Some Of The Common Negative Reactions And How To Manage Them

Now that you have a clear idea about the fundamentals of what you can expect from those with negative ideas about network marketing businesses, let’s take a few minutes to look at some of the more common objections people have and how you can respond.

As you review these examples, look at how the response follows the rules above – it validates the concerns the person has and then helps highlight what sets your business apart, all without coming across as combative, defensives, or overall ‘salesy’.

They Say: Isn’t This Just A Pyramid Scheme?

You Say: It may sound like it, but no. Today, network marketing and direct sales are a huge part of the economy. Pyramid schemes are completely illegal since they don’t earn money based on actual sales. This does – it’s a legitimate business opportunity. Take a look at the way the pay scales break down and you’ll see that there are some real opportunities here. I thought the same thing at first, but I’m finding some real success with it.

They Say: I Don’t Have The Money To Start Up
You Say: I understand. Money is tight these days. But did you know that this opportunity lets you start a business for a huge amount less than opening a traditional business would? Not only that, but if you make the right moves you can actually start earning fast. Let me show you a few of the ways you can make money through this opportunity. It might help you see why I love it so much – and how it can help you.

They Say: I’m Too Busy For This

You Say: Trust me, I know how you feel. It was the same for me when I got started. But you can actually start working on this business part time and keep on with the rest of your life – just 10 to 15 hours a week is all it takes to get started. Let me tell you how I managed to divide up my time.

They Say: I Don’t Know Enough People To Make This Work
You Say: The great thing is that it’s not really how many people you know that leads to success. I didn’t know a huge number of people either, but I was able to use my warm market network and get referrals that helped me grow my business. You can really make this work.

They Say: I Don’t Want To Annoy My Friends

You Say: That’s great. That’s the wrong approach to have anyway. Here’s what I do: I try to find people that need extra income or who can use these products, and then show them what they could offer to them. There’s no point bugging your friends and family. It doesn’t work anyway!

They Say: I’m Not Really A Salesperson And I Have No Clue How To Be One

You Say : That’s perfect, believe it or not! Salespeople don’t usually thrive and grow here – I’m recruiting entrepreneurs, not salesmen. We’re trying to find people who will love the products and this opportunity. You’ll need some skills, but I’ll be training you directly to ensure you get the best results. That way we both benefit.

These are just a few examples, but you should be able to see a pattern here. Acknowledge their doubts and concerns, and then address them in a positive way that will help them get more excited about the product and the business opportunity and why joining your team really does matter.

Finding The Right People

One thing that is worth taking a minute to talk about is the fact that if you’re talking to the right people, most of the pieces to the puzzle will fall into place automatically for you anyway. Some people simply aren’t going to be interested in the products you have to offer, let alone the opportunity for joining your team.

The key is finding people who will be passionate about the opportunity you’re providing to them. You not only need to find people who are interested in the products that you’re offering, but also that are excited about having a chance to earn money and start a business that can help them move towards better success in their professional life.

Once you find the right prospects you’ll be better able to practice overcoming the negative reactions you may face. Since these prospects are usually already more likely to consider what you’re offering and to be excited about it, it’s easier to talk to them and learn the basics of what to say when asked certain question or facing negative reactions.

Dealing With Negative Reactions In Your Network Marketing Business

Facts Are Great, But Stories Are Better

Facts and statistics are wonderful. They can help show people you’re talking to the key points that you’re trying to explain and give them an idea as to the true potential of your business opportunity. But those cold hard facts don’t do a lot to sway the minds of people who are convinced that your business isn’t right for them.

You can show someone the numbers and explain to them how they earn money, but if they don’t think your opportunity is worth pursuing, it’s unlikely that they’re going to join your team. For this, you need to turn to stories.

You have a story. So does the person who brought you to where you are. And so do the other members of your team. Each of those stories is unique, and has its own properties that can highlight what makes a network marketing business important and why the opportunity worked for them.

Best of all, each of those stories is a gold mine when it comes to confronting those negative ideas and opinions that others have of your business. When you’re talking to someone, these stories are what you’ll use to really sell your business opportunity to them.

Consider this. Someone responds with a negative reaction – whether it’s a ‘I don’t have the time” response or a “This sounds like a pyramid” response. What works better – telling them “Here’s a look at the basic pay structure” or “My team member Larry felt the same way, but let me tell you about how he was able to fit in just two hours a day on the business and found success”, followed by the story of Larry and his success?

It’s the story every time. The reason? Because you’re stepping away from those cold, hard numbers and putting a personal face on them. It’s great whether it’s your own story or the story of someone in your network, but no matter which you choose the end result is the same – stories work. They sell your opportunity. The facts can back it up, but it’s the stories you need to focus on.

dealing with network marketing denial

Dealing With Denial

It’s also worth taking one moment to talk about the inevitable – sometimes you’re not going to reach someone. You may end up being told no or even get more serious negative responses, but in the end it comes down to one thing – they turn you down. It’s going to happen, and no matter how great you are at selling your network marketing company eventually you’ll face this issue.

But it’s how you react that makes a difference – in two ways:

• Reacting in a professional manner and accepting that they aren’t interested can have a big impact on future interactions. A simple “I understand. It’s not for everyone. Thanks for your time and if you are interested in the future I’m ready to talk more” is all it takes to leave a positive last impression.

• You also need to react in a positive way for your own benefit. Don’t let a denial or rejection ruin your attitude or make you feel like you are a failure. Learn from it and grow, but don’t give up. There are plenty of other opportunities out there that you can take advantage of.

In other words, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t convince a prospect to join you – unless you let it become the end of the world.


All in all, you’re going to face some resistance and some negative attitudes as you start trying to build your team and grow your business. But with the right approach to your responses you can start to change their minds and help others see that you’re really offering them an opportunity to better themselves and their future. Keep everything above in mind and you’ll be able to start getting better responses from even the most negative person out there.

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