Custom Email Lists Generate Powerful Leads

email leads

The most successful Internet marketing entrepreneurs know that having a rock solid list of email leads is an integral part of developing an online marketing database. Profiting from an email list is possible, and probable, if your list is large enough and responsive enough. The first thing to focus on is how to get that list and make it strong.

There are several ways that a strong email list can be developed. One of the top ways that email addresses are gathered is through co-registration. This term refers to those users who agree to receive offers from partner sites or affiliates of a company that they have already done online business with. The first company generally sells the list of names to their partners, and then the second company (or third, or fourth…) sends out a bulk email offer or announcement. In general, this is a great way to get a targeted list of email addresses, one that contains some very good email leads since the addresses come willingly from people who are interested in the type of products and services being offered or advertised.

How Much is Too Much?

Now, you have to keep in mind that these email leads are not usually going to be exclusive to you, and that the recipients that you send your emails to are probably receiving several (or dozens) of other offers. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the list you buy is exclusive. Exclusive lists are certainly available, but much more expensive than the less-than-a-penny-per-address lists. To counteract this problem, be sure that your offer is better and more compelling than the offers of your competitors, so that your offer stands out and is responded to by those on your email list.

Increase Your List Through Social Media

Social media marketing is being used globally as a tool to connect people. Use your Facebook page or Twitter account to gather even more addresses. When you post something compelling, all of your subscribers and followers will see it. Some of them will share it, and those who do will be more likely to share it with someone who is definitely interested in what you have to say. This makes social media an excellent way to gather new leads for your email list. The email leads that you gather using this method are also more likely to be somewhat more exclusive than those you can buy in bulk form. Usually these addresses are valid and frequently used by the owners.

Using a combination of purchased lists and social media lists is a terrific way to build a customized email list that will give you excellent email leads and work well with your online marketing strategy.

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