Creating Excitement on Your Squeeze Page

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As the visitor opens and clicks through from your email, you want to make sure that what they find is going to be exactly what they are looking for.  They have subscribed to your bulk email opt in for a reason, they want to hear from you and hear about your special offers and promotions.  As a home based business opportunity seeker, it is your responsibility to keep their attention, and keep them wanting to hear from you.

On your squeeze page, you want them to see the information about your products and services.  Create excitement by opening the page with major questions related to your products and services, and how they can help the members of your email list get solutions to their problems.

Excitement can be created by using bullet points to answer the questions that you pose to your visitors.  When you outline the features and benefits that are available from using your products and services, and taking advantage of your offer, you are going to keep their interest longer.  The longer they stick around, the more likely it becomes that they end up taking advantage of your offer—meaning that your squeeze page is a success.

Less is definitely more when it comes to a squeeze page.  You do not want to have endless commentary about your products.  As a home based business opportunity seeker it is tempting to go on and on about how great your products are, after all, you believe in them so much that you are trying to sell them to others.  Instead, make sure that you keep things simple, and in outline form.  Most people do not have long attention spans for this type of information, so the simpler, the better.  They will not read long amounts of text.  When you get right to the point, your squeeze page will be more effective and the members of your email list will respond more often.  This is the goal, to get them interested, purchasing and returning.

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