Using Coupons and an Email Marketing List for Affiliate Sales

Did you know that an Email marketing list is a powerful tool for building up affiliate sales? Of course you did – if you’re here, you know quite a bit about marketing on the Internet and you’re probably hungry for ways to make more money with affiliate links. However, there is one thing you may not be aware of even though it’s right under your nose – you can combine coupons with your affiliate sales program to make your Email marketing list explode with potential. Here’s how:

Why Coupons?

Let’s start with something obvious – everyone loves to save money. That’s why coupons are so popular. People go out and search for them all the time. After all, how many times have you found yourself searching for coupons for something like or some other well known web site? Probably on a regular basis we’d imagine.

However, if you were to combine coupons with your affiliate links and an Email marketing list, you could cash in. You’ll get increased sales potential by simply offering people coupon codes that they can use together with your affiliate links. Then, the company selling products gets the sale and you get your commission. Everyone wins and everyone is happy.

How to Find Coupons

There are specialized programs that you can use to find coupons to send to your Email marketing list. However, if you have a narrow niche, you don’t really need specialized products. You can find the coupons on your own by simply using a Google search. There are two ways to do this: a broad way and a narrow way.

The Broad Way

Not to be confused with the famous street where people perform live on stage, the broad way of finding coupons to send to your Email marketing list involves simply looking for specific types of coupons. Let’s say for example that you happen to have an affiliate account with a popular hosting service such as Dreamhost and you’ve got an Email marketing list of people interested in purchasing hosting (because they hope to make a website to sell something as well).

You could easily hunt down coupons for Dreamhost by typing “coupon code dreamhost” into your browser. Then, pair the coupon codes you find with your affiliate links in an Email and watch the money come in.

The Narrow Way

Okay, but what if you want something broader. For example, you want to be able to offer coupons in a wide variety of fields related to your niche. Simple – you create a Google custom search. Try adding in as many coupon and deal sites as you can such as etc. Now, instead of searching for “dreamhost coupon” you search for “hosting service coupon.”

While you could do this with a general Google search as well, we find that when you need a broad based list of coupon codes to send to your Email marketing list, using a Google custom search to look only through websites that actually have the coupons you need is extremely valuable and a huge time saver.

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