The Right Contact with Your Network Marketing Email List

email list marketing

Email list marketing is an ever changing industry. What worked last year may not be the best strategy this year. With so many network marketing email options available, you have to be very persuasive if you want recipients to even open your email, let alone consider taking advantage of what you have to offer. Importantly, you have to target your recipients, so that you can truly maximize the conversions from your email list efforts.

One of the ongoing questions from many network marketing email professionals is how often to send out the email offers to your email list. Does sending too many make you a spammer? Does sending too few result in customers forgetting about you and getting their needs met elsewhere? These are complicated questions, and there is not really one right answer when it comes to email list marketing. There are really two very different points of view when it comes to this question.

Some email list marketing professionals are very convinced that too many emails will lead to a higher unsubscribe rate, and your email list will dwindle as a result. With so many people getting so many email offers every day in their inboxes, you do not want to be seen as a pest. Your goal is to convince people that your products or services are the best, and that they will experience a benefit from doing business with you. You do not want to shove your messages down their throat (metaphorically, you are really just sending lots of emails).

Other network marketing email professionals truly believe that you have to have very frequent contact with your email list if you want to stay on the top of their minds. People tend to be impulsive, especially when it comes to buying products or services online. If you can gain their attention on a regular basis, you may be able to get them to continually purchase your goods and services.

We will continue to discuss the debate regarding the best frequency when it comes to contacting your network marketing email list, and see if we can come up with any good answers! Until then, continue to use your email list responsibly.

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